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Eryc Taylor Dance currently conducts twelve workshops a week for the following organizations: PGCMH, CUCS, NYU Langone Medical Center, Odyssey House, and Acacia Network. The workshops inlcude:

Movement Expressions
This workshop has been proven to garner the most attendance within supportive housing as well as the greatest resonance with the participants. The focus of the exercises is to improve self-expression and by doing so, relieve stress & develop coping skills. The movements are tailored to non-dancers and allow them to become aware of their own physical strength and creativity. It’s a simple first step to turning their life around.

Breath & Energy
Participants learn to use gyrokinesis, movement, and breathing exercises to increase strength, improve flexibility, and decrease stress. 

Strength & Conditioning + Hip-Hop
We also offer a more fitness oriented workshop, which uses bodyweight, yoga, and pilates. For children, we have Dancehall & Hip-Hop workshop.

As supportive housing moves toward more deeply integrating physical and behavioral health, this is an opportunity to improve both and help folks gain a sense of empowerment along the way.